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#FloorTypeStore CodeStore NameStore Logo
21First FloorShoppingF004The Shop Ethinc
22First FloorShoppingF005Vastram
23First FloorShoppingF010 & F011Jagdamba Mens Wear
24First FloorShoppingF012Airtel
25Ground FloorShoppingF013 & F014The Shop
26First FloorFood & DiningF015Chirag Bakers
27Second FloorOthersS001, S002 & S003Saxena Hair & Beyond
28Second FloorOthersS004Mall Office
29Second FloorOthersS005Smart Service
30Second FloorEntertainmentS0067-D
31Second FloorFood & DiningS007Oriental Grill & Cafe
32Second FloorShoppingS008 & S009LifeStyle
33Second FloorOthersS010Natural Spa
34Second FloorShoppingS011Chowdhury Photo Magix
35Second FloorShoppingS012 & S013Wardrobe By Arpita
36Second FloorShoppingS014Hhara
37Second FloorShoppingS015Payal Boitique
38Second FloorShoppingS016 & S016Hercules Fitness
39Second FloorFood & DiningS018 to S021The Hideout
40Second FloorEntertainmentS026 to SO35KIOSK 18